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Clash of Chefs

Ready, set, cook! Clash of Chefs VR is a competitive cooking game that’ll put your culinary skills to the test as you race to finish orders. Waiters bring you orders from which you'll need to prepare the right meal with ingredients before you. Playing against a friend you'll compete to see who can fill orders the fastest -just don't burn anything!  There are four unique restaurants: Italian, Mexican, Japanese and the classic burger and fries~


ABC Paint

When you paint in VR the air around you is your canvas~  You can leave brush strokes of color anywhere.  In one hand is a brush, in the other a palette for changing brush size and dipping into colors.  Multiplayer feature lets up to four artists paint together at once~


Sweet Escape

Conquer your fear of heights and climb the fastest to have your chance on the winner’s podiums. And the quicker you are to mastering leaps from huge cupcakes, massive lollipops, and gooey candybars, the better rank you’ll be on the global scoreboards.

Locally known as the "candy climb" game, this is one of our most popular titles~ A great mix of challenge, heights thrills, good spirited competition, all upon a dreamy candy landscape~ 


Sam and Dan: Floaty Flatmates

Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates is a co-op VR game where communication and teamwork is key.  You are playing as Sam or Dan, one of the two survivors trapped in your apartment because of a major world flood. Your buddy is trapped in a different building across the street, work together to get supplies to build a bridge towards a boat. 
Find tools to make communication easier, like a tin can, that can be used as a can phone.  Also avoid falling in the water, there’s a big shark!


Cook-Out: a sandwich tale

In this whimsical kitchen-staff simulator, up to four players must frantically prepare meals at a fair for increasingly demanding customers.  Chop, stack, slice, cook; you're team will need to divide up tasks to keep orders on time~!