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When it comes to celebrating your child's special day, you want to create unforgettable memories and a fun-filled experience that both kids and parents will treasure.  Elevate your child's birthday celebration to the 21st century with a party at our VR arcade. Delight in unique, memorable experiences in a safe, controlled environment, ensuring your child's special day is unforgettable.  

Our VR games also provide educational opportunities, combining fun and learning. Rain or shine, we offer an all-weather option, and with a wide range of experiences, we promote inclusivity and accessibility for all party attendees. It's a futuristic twist on birthday parties that kids and parents will love.

ONE HOUR Gameplay

Players will be equipped with headset and controllers and given the option to play together as a group or separately.  While we usually curate group gameplay, attendees can opt to switch games at their leisure. Top group games at birthday parties: 










ONE HOUR Party Space

Your post-game party is provided a space with tables, cutlery, plates and napkins.  A Bluetooth speaker will be available along with various tabletop games.

Pizza Packages

We offer 14" pizzas from Little Caesars.  Pizzas are $10 each.  Guests also have the choice of opting out and bringing food from elsewhere.

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Birthday Party 2.0

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3 Headsets for 1 Hour
2 14" Pizzas + Soda

Gift card for 1 Hour


5 Headsets for 1 Hour
4 14" Pizzas + Soda

Gift card for 1 Hour


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Party Station

One station can be converted into our party station with the game Takelings that allows up to 5 players.  One player is in the headset playing against 4 players on the couch using controllers.


For family reunions, company celebrations, grad-parties; we provide full parlor rental as an option.  This option allows access to all 6 headset stations with full access to all games and experiences.  Tables, plates and utensils can be provided by request.  Full parlor rentals can be arranged outside of regular business hours. 

One full-hour parlor rental with all 8 stations is $215

Two full-hour rental: $400

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