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Our virtual reality escape room adventures takes the cooperative suspense of escape rooms and combines it with a variety of unique and exciting environments for players to explore together.  Each escape experience offers its own unique puzzles and challenges to be solved within an hour. Up to six players at once. 

$25 per player

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Jungle Quest

Stumble upon a portal during a park stroll, unveiling a realm of wonder— an enchanting sanctuary teeming with mystical creatures. The catch? Getting back home. Solve puzzles, traverse flying islands, and unravel the secrets of this mysterious world to find your way back~               2 to 6 players

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Stranded, survival is your only option. Fix the transmitter, navigate the wild, and outsmart nature's challenges. Can you endure until rescue, sharpening your instincts to unravel the island's mysteries and secure your escape?      1 to 6 players

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Embark on a virtual odyssey through Wonderland's enchanting realms. Drink the shrinking potion, follow the White Rabbit, and immerse yourself in the magic. From the Mad Tea-Party to the Dark Forest, experience Wonderland like never before. Rewrite the story, conquer the Queen of Hearts, and be part of the adventure                      1 to 6 players



Crouch, chisel, sneak, climb, detonate... 

You and your team must work together to overcome prison security as you seek an escape route to break out and prove your innocence.         2 to 6 players

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Unlock the secrets of the past, change the course of history. Journey back in time to the heart of Chernobyl, where unanswered questions linger in the ghost town's silent echoes. Discover the untold story, the lives lost, and the enduring impact of a disaster that reverberates through time.                 1 to 6 players