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Gym,​ library, coffeeshop... simulation center.  

Make teleportation a regular part of a balanced life style, adding enrichment and novel experiences to both the mind and body.  Make friends who become teammates; develop new skills and explore potential new interests.  Upgrade your lifestyle with our new membership program.


Enrich day to day life with fantastic adventure; stimulate your mind with suspenseful encounters in full 3-Dimensional worlds.  Our membership program provides an affordable means of accessing high quality titles of size and length to require extended hours to fully explore.  Membership offers a 30 day period of unlimited visits for playing the set selection.  


Winter Realms

This winter we're starting big with a four selections for our monthly membership, including the acclaimed best VR game ever made: Half Life Alyx.

Membership benefits include:

  • Choice of using advanced Knuckles controllers

  • Protected Save Game Progression

  • Invitation for testing new games

  • Free Drinks

4 titles with unlimited play for one month:



Rec Room

8 Days for $50

One month $160

Rec Room is a big open world community with access to a vast selection of live games and theme parks. Customize your dorm and your avatar.  Save progress for your next visit.   You can create your own play space and invite friends or save to show family.



Cardio Club

If you're looking to get back-moving, consider these the icebreakers to fitness.  Speaking from experience, these are some of the titles I use to maintain fitness during the winter.  They are all demanding as they are entertaining.   You'll be busy ducking bullets, slicing notes, and pumping off arrows at Vikings until your arms burn


$60 mo

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