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A birthday party with VR is a way for everyone to play together in a variety of different shared experiences~  We offer 14" pizzas from Little Caesars.  Pizzas are $10 each.  Guests also have the choice of opting out and bringing food from elsewhere.  Events are two hours with one hour for VR and the second hour for the party space.  The allotted headsets can be shared among attendees.  


For family reunions, company celebrations, grad-parties; we provide full parlor rental as an option.  This option allows access to all 6 headset stations with full access to all games and experiences.  Tables, plates and utensils can be provided by request.  Full parlor rentals can be arranged outside of regular business hours. 

One full-hour parlor rental with all 8 stations is $215
wo full-hour rental: $400

Add Party Station: $40 

One station can be converted into our party station with the game Takelings that allows up to 5 players.  One player is in the headset playing against 4 players on the couch using controllers.


3 Headsets for 1 Hour
2 14" Pizzas + Soda

Gift card for 1 Hour



5 Headsets for 1 Hour
4 14"Pizzas + Sodas

Gift card for 1 Hour


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