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Elven Assassin

The #1 multiplayer game in VR arcades everywhere and for us as well.  Elven Assassin lets up to four players use their archery skills (and unlimited arrows) to defend against waves of orc warriors.  Each wave brings a greater challenge and new creatures to battle.  Note: this game can be a workout; not only will players have to pump their arms but also duck down to avoid axes thrown by the enemies!  


Elven Assassin also features a competitive mode where players attempt to snipe each other through castle ruins.



Arizona Sunshine

Experience the nightmare of a zombie infestation up-close...  Arizona Sunshine features a Campaign Mode for up to two players and a Horde Mode for up to four players.
In the Campaign you'll progress through the ruins of the Southwest searching and scavenging, overcoming obstacles while gathering an arsenal. 
Horde Mode offers three different locations for you and your team to make a stand at waves of ghouls.  Each wave survived offers new weapons but the enemy becomes progressively numerous and difficult.


Private Property

From the makers of Elven Assassin comes a zombie shooter where, instead of arrows, players have cowboy era weapons.  Each player has access to a wide range of weapons. By circling your thumb during gameplay and you switch between a Winchester, dual pistols, a shotgun, and a grenade launcher.  Be prepared to duck when they fight back, throwing pitchforks, pipes and dynamite!


Dick Wilde 2

Looking for straight forward, arcade fun?  In Dick Wilde 2 you and a partner venture down the river on a raft while blasting mutant animals with dual weapons.  Collect cash by shooting garbage and barrels to purchase a variety of exotic weapons.



Zombie combat at its most intense.  Propagation puts up to two players in the dark infested depths of a subway with just a pistol and a shotgun.  From their stationary position, players need to stay alert against nightmarish enemies creeping at them in the darkness.  Players have two weapons: a pistol and a shotgun.  The pistol has a flashlight attachment and is quicker to reload.  The shotgun delivers a powerful blast but requires both hands to pump. 

Note: this game is not recommended for children as it features intense graphics.  Not for the faint of heart!