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VR in Business

In the rapidly changing landscape of business technology, virtual reality represents a new frontier of possibilities.  VR is being used to improve training, experiment with concepts and showcase products and properties without the hindrance of limited physical space.  

With any new technology comes the complication of learning how to operate/troubleshoot and best apply its features, as well as determine what hardware investments best suit your company.  As your local virtual reality center our experience and equipment are available to help integrate your business into the forefront of 21st century tech.  


Through our facility provide access cutting edge VR technology for your business without having to invest in purchasing expensive hardware.  We have 10 HTC Vive headsets connected to high-spec PCs, our parlor can be rented out or we can provide stations at your location with our mobile service.











Ways in which companies are using VR:

Training: The immersive effect VR has on the brain allows for more accurate situational training where scenarios look and feel more real.  UPS has begun using VR to teach new drivers how to handle difficult conditions.  Walmart has found using VR headsets in training improves confidence and retention.  

Showcasing: With the benefit of infinite space an exhibit booth with a virtual reality headset can teleport a prospective clients before products or locations.  Companies can design a memorable virtual experience with their product or brand placed.  One of the most popular virtual reality experiences, Richie's Plank Experience, even offers a service for placing logos and products within the game.   For examples of how companies are using VR for marketing check out this link: 10 best uses of Virtual Reality VR marketing (2019)

Design:  The conceptual can now be experienced before it's built.  With architecture and advanced modeling a design can be explored to scale prior to construction.  As an example, Boeing uses VR to examine layouts of new aircraft to spot design flaws that would otherwise be costly and time consuming to adjust during production.  Likewise, architecture programs enable designers to not only see but 'feel' a concept from within, viewing how seasonal sunlight will affect a room's window placement. 

To explore ways in which virtual reality can benefit your business contact us at the link below. 


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