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We are now in the Franklin Art Center
in Brainerd. Calling ahead
is recommended:
WELCOME GNO '23! You'll find us upstairs at Franklin~


VR Odyssey

Central Minnesota's Gateway
to Virtual Reality




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Step into the Future

Our VR parlor provides virtual reality headsets and controllers within designated playing spaces for exploring a wide range of experiences.  

From inside the headset, users can select from a menu which games or simulations they'd like to experience.  You can return to the menu at anytime. 

Interacting with games and simulations will come naturally as VR involves using your hands to point, grab and operate objects in a way that feels natural and intuitive. 

Our pricing system is based on time, with the length determined at the start.  One may decide to extend their time at any point.


Up to 6 players can play at once.  Our selection features several games that allow for playing together in the same program.

The Franklin Art Center is on 1001 Kingwood St in Brainerd,
just a couple blocks from the old water towner. 

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